Today I take you deeper into the understanding of reiki, how it works and how holistic healing can assist with the modern woman and her hectic lifestyle.

When approaching any kind of holistic therapies or medicines you must do so with an open mind.

As a practitioner, I understand the scepticism that people feel toward my work. When I first started to receive reiki, I was also quite sceptical. However, as I continued with the sessions I started to realise things were “happening”. No two sessions were the same in their after effect, and I always still had a sense of wellbeing afterwards. Our individual minds are uniquely complex and as result of that each person take on Reiki is also very individualised. This can be considered the same for more traditional therapies such as psychotherapy or meditation… You just never know when that breakthrough moment will come. It comes down to the individual taking part and how much they are connected to self.

Reiki involves the transfer of ki (chi) through a practitioner’s palms, with or without direct touch, to another person. The whole experience can be quite meditative and as such aid to address a myriad of physical and emotional imbalances. Reiki is a well worth investment for those suffering from anxiety or chronic pain, or even just if you are searching for some balance.

Our bodies are amazing! They automatically take care of an abundance of things we take for granted such as breathing, digesting and circulation. Sometimes our bodies reach a point where they have had enough, in these cases the bodies self-regulating mechanisms tend to not work so well. As a result, you can feel ill, depressed or start suffering from other issues.

Spiritually speaking, Reiki works by channelling positive energy into your body. The practitioner places their hands on your body where the boost is most needed, and the body takes in the energy where it is most needed. The beautiful, powerful flow of energy may bring a near immediate sensation of relief and it releases the built-up tensions and displaces the negative energy and stress in the body replacing it with positive light energy.

When attending a Reiki session, it is important to go with an open mind. As essentially it is energy, and as such the more open to it you are the easier it can benefit you. Don’t go in with an expectation, just flow, because there are several things that are commonly reported. Some people report feeling hot or cold sensations throughout their bodies, others have reported pins and needles or even vibrations.

The patient brings with them, their own unique magic, and as such the way that they receive and feel reiki can be very different to the next person.

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