About me

Living live with
love and gratitude

Hello I’m Salina

and I am so happy that you have found me!

I am a strong believer in living life with love and gratitude, and helping women everywhere to accept and learn to love the beautiful feminine goddess that lies within themselves instead of trying to hide her away and conform to what ideals society has placed on her.

I aim to inspire, and show women how to appreciate and truly show their beauty, strength and  femininity. My job is to help you build a strong foundation from which you can keep building and growing from strength to strength. To create your own path and decorate it with as much glitter and as many rainbows as you so wish 🙂

I found this path whilst learning to love and accept myself.  In this process I have found the strong need to help others find the same joy and love for their own femininity and inner goddess. We each, need to learn to embrace the feminine goddess and accept all aspects of her regardless of what life has thrown at us. 

 “I found this path
whilst learning to love
and accept myself…” 

I aim to help teach you absolute love and acceptance of the feminine sensual goddess and help to unravel her. 

Every woman has an abundance of masks to wear each day… Wife, Mother, Teacher, Career Woman… So within all of this, where do you get the time to show the real you?

I wasn’t always so confident in myself and what I wanted…

I found my way after being diagnosed with Endometriosis, walking away from a long-term relationship, being made redundant and losing my home all within 3 months of each other…  This made me reevaluate and change a lot in my life quite radically! My defining moment was when I was asked:

“So what do you want?” 

I realised at that moment I was 30 years old and had never actually been asked that question! It made me think, search deep inside myself and go on an incredible journey of self discovery and acceptance… Well, here we are now, still a work in progress but definitely a whole new me has emerged…

This road has taught me much, all starting with a course in Mindfulness! I have learnt to change the way I think and live completely!

Shake off those old habits, limiting beliefs and judgements totally exposing myself to be who I was always meant to be!

For the first time in my life, I feel unashamedly free to be, just ME!

And let me tell you something, it feels absolutely AMAZING!

I have recently qualified as a Reiki Master and Teacher and am currently seeking what this means to me, to you and to the world.

Now I want to share this with other women, to help them build the future they desire, to help them embrace themselves and truly learn to love themselves. Letting that inner goddess shine through and living your life to your hearts desire!

I hope you enjoy the writing I share and that together we can change the world, a small step at a time.


Believer in #light and #love - Empowering you to bee who you are meant to bee - Embracing your #femininity and #sensuality and spreading the light.