He came at me out of the blue
Suddenly just appeared I wasn’t sure what to do

All of my defences they fell to the wayside
I think I even lost my pride

I fell into a trance
It felt like such a merry little dance

I tuned into the music and I swished, and I swayed
Together what wonderful music we made

Then it all turned to dust
And in the moment, I felt death was a must

Where did you go?
What did I do?
Was this already it?
What happened to the light we once lit?

I spent an eternity in mourning
Not realising the darkness, I was adorning

Then I found a treasure that had escaped me many moons ago
I lost it at an all-time low

And somehow in all this madness it came back to me
It allowed me to be open and to see

Out of the ashes of us I rose
I let that door behind me close

I spiraled higher than I’d ever flown
My mind was blown

So, I thank you for appearing
And also, for disappearing

I thank you for breaking me into a thousand pieces
Because it helped me smooth out all my creases

And now,

For the first time in forever,

I am here,

I am present,

I am shining,

I am me.