Again and again I have turned them away
Not wanting or feeling a thing
Then when I think I have built my walls
You come along and give me a sting

You undermine my feelings each and every day
Either you don’t feel anything at all
Or, you know just what to say
To make my head spin in confusion

You say it’s nothing; I will get over it,
It sounds more like that’s what you want
Except this you can’t admit
So you continue to make me dizzy

Constantly on a merry-go-round
But sadistically loving every moment
To you I am somehow bound
And I know there is no turning back

Others have accused me of having a heart of stone
Of never stopping to take notice
And yet you make me afraid to be alone
To imagine my life without you

I truly believe that lightening can strike twice
For I, I am definitely had
For you do truly entice
And pull me in deeper every day

Maybe you don’t feel it too
And this is karma biting me in the bum
But whatever may be true
My heart still beats to your drum.


Believer in #light and #love - Empowering you to bee who you are meant to bee - Embracing your #femininity and #sensuality and spreading the light.