Whether I know you just for now, or forever
Believe me when I say I will never forget our time together
You make me feel something I didn’t think I would again,
Just that alone is enough to make me feel a deep agonising pain

But I take this pain for the brief moments that we share
For even in this short time it is apparent that I can’t help but care
I have no control of my body or mind
You give me something I thought I would never find

And yet, in reality, right now what do we share?
Except the ability for my heart to tear?
I am the type to embrace what may be
Yet I think you don’t feel the same way about me

This brief encounter or whatever it may be,
It’s something that definitely confuses me
For I am made a certain way
I have never met anyone that didn’t want to kiss me every day…

I wish life was fair
But it never has been
I look at you and I want you
But you just don’t seem to keen.


Believer in #light and #love - Empowering you to bee who you are meant to bee - Embracing your #femininity and #sensuality and spreading the light.