Illusions We all have them We all create them We are all faced by them In the end for them to be shattered into tiny fragments… For really and truly what is an illusion? Surely the believer chooses to believe as much as the creator chooses to create? So when these illusions are shattered, where … More Illusions

I want you

I want you….. I want your hands all over my body I want you to trace all my curves and find all the places that make me shiver or moan I want you to find any number of ways to send shivers down my spine I want you to take me to that very edge … More I want you

Another lifetime

In another lifetime All the possibilities I roam Every seed that I have sown All the chances I have blown And still I think I dream and I wish…. In another lifetime…. Maybe I could call you home…. © salinabee  

Love and the Ocean

I just want to bury myself in seclusion, Wrap myself around books and the ocean, Forget this moment and all it’s commotion, Struggling to say goodbye to loves magical potion, No matter how it shatters my perception, Kills my dreams and aspiration, Or perhaps it was an illusion… Or maybe I suffered from a delusion… … More Love and the Ocean


As I watch the sun set tonight So does the light in my heart for you My chest feels so heavy and tight But I can’t keep waiting and wanting My body, my heart and mostly my soul They all somehow got stuck on you I looked into your eyes and they stole They stole … More Alone….

Your Drum.

Again and again I have turned them away Not wanting or feeling a thing Then when I think I have built my walls You come along and give me a sting You undermine my feelings each and every day Either you don’t feel anything at all Or, you know just what to say To make … More Your Drum.