The Lovers…

..and she sways alongside the Sunshine, that Gently sets her Alight
and she Sizzles
and she giggles
…and she Dances and Plays… tip toeing into the sunny haze.

Smiling all the way to her toes, letting go of all life’s woes….
Sizzel…Shizzle…Fizzle… oh how her natural Sexiness Glows..Grows.
With every move and every groove, you know she knows she has nothing to prove….
Smooth… Groove.. A Sizzling Allure. A Natural Move.

A toss of the hair a wriggle in her hip, it’s all there right at her fingertip…
..and she stretches…Embracing the Sunshine.. sipping on Fresh Water…Always Moving to the Rhythm Within her.
The rhythm of her soul’s delight, always urging her to spread her wings and take flight…
..oh what a Sensational Sight… Rhythm… Smooth… Sexy… Strawberry.

Strawberries that came fresh from Norway, with a handsome devil to pop one in her mouth and tempt her astray….
Naughty Temptress … delicious delights.. Tasty subtlety a©bsolutely sets her Alight.
With gleeful abandonment she starts to dance, Whilst he watches on so lost in a trance,
She spins, and sways, and spins and sways….

Ooops and she trips… he takes her hand .. and this time they dance… smooth and sexy… as she Gently shows him her Rhythm. They Flow and they Grow.
He leads her into this dance of seduction… Showing her all the ways that lead to her corruption….

So she Dives into her Strawberries… then pulls out her Whip… to warn him of the Fangs she possesses to Bite him.
He rises to the challenge.. Enticing… Exciting…. Exuding masculinity and charm… How could he ever do her any harm…?

So they revel in mutual Pleasure… laugh out loud.. the Sun Sizzles… as does She.
And just like that, we will leave the lovers be…. To sizzle and to giggle and to be in utter glee….

©salinabee ©p.atwal


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